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INDABA Sunday 3rd Feb 2002

The "Welcome to the Year 2002 Indaba"

Held at Borumba Dam    3rd February 2002

We arrived at the dam after a wonderful drive through the picturesque "Mary Valley" with it's river flats, and flood plains, and quaint old farm buildings. We passed through the town of Imbil, a sleepy, yet progressive town which is taking advantage of the "Mary Valley Rattler", a tourist steam train.

Beyond Imbil we traversed through a magical valley, crossing the meandering "Yabba creek" many times. The vegetation varied between "planted" pine forest and natural rain forest, with views of unspoilt bush, rocky bluffs and deep ravines cut by the flowing waters.

The picnic area at the dam was surprisingly crowded, but we managed to "reserve" a couple of tables for the group. 

Click a pic for a larger image....

chatting.jpg (65411 bytes)
"Squatters at the picnic site"

borumbadam1.jpg (48327 bytes)
"The dam wall"

Mornign tea "dragged" into lunch, and some wandered the area, while others sat and chatted.  Although we had heard the rumbling of the ski boats as they dragged the skiers to distant parts of the dam, we weren't relly prepared for the next rumbles which surrounded us!.....

heavies.jpg (63069 bytes)
300? or so Bikies !!!!!

We were invaded by 300 or so members of the "Harley Davidson Motorcycle Club", and boy, was it a sight!!!    Wonderfully kept pieces of machinery, lovingly pampered by their owners, yet ridden with pride (and a little bit of daring-do) by a group of similarly interested people.  In a way, it drove home to us that the "group image" is something strong. A brotherhood (sisterhood?) of like minded people, enjoying their interests together.....

It was great to see the mix of ages, young and old (some VERY OLD), both male and female, coming together to enjoy a common cause. It was also great to see the care that was lavished upon their bikes.  It showed, very graphically, how a common interest can bridge the gap between age, sex, and race.
(We won't mention the comments about "bringing in the heavies" to get some people to pay their memberships....but it worked!!!)

Lunch was, as usual, a laid back affair, with much banter and laughter. Afterwards, some wandered off for an "excercise break", before we all settled for the "business of the day"

chowtime.jpg (73589 bytes)
"Chow Time"

bretttalk.jpg (58004 bytes)
"Talk Time"

We instigated the "Talking Stick" to give the talker a chance to be heard, and launched into a discussion of the possible Indabas and trips for the year. Many suggestions were made, including a "tilt train trip to Rockhampton" !!!!!  These suggestions will be evaluated as to their suitability and costs and if all is OK, will become our Indabas for the rest of the year.    Many thanks to all who gave input to this idea.

The "Talking Stick" was passed to Gil Deem, who gave us a great talk on his recent trip to the "Phoenician Port" at Sarina. He passed on many of Val Osborne's observations and researches, and kept us enthralled for quite a time.  A trip to this area was suggested, and may very well eventuate.    Thanks Gil !

view1.jpg (56346 bytes)
Time to go home....

With the sun slowly sinking, we drifted off to return to our homes once again, with many thoughts to ponder, and a wonderful memory of a day well spent with friends.

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