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INDABA Sunday 5th August 2001

"The Round Table" Indaba - Sunday 5th August 2001

A beautiful fine and sunny day!
A fabulous forest with generous assortments of orchestral bird calls!
A series of natural bush walks and quiet "nooks & crannies" on the shores of Lake McDonald!
A feeling of ancient spiritualism and history everywhere!
A group of 32 fun-loving enthusiasts from Maryborough to Maroochydore in attendance!
What more could we ask for?

For those who did not; were not; could not; or were unable to attend missed out on a truly great fun day at the Camp Cooroora Scout Environmental Camping Ground near Cooroy at Lake McDonald. The only problem was - we all became so involved in the challenges of the day - WE FORGOT TO TAKE THE OFFICIAL PICTURES FOR THIS REPORT. Hopefully, we hope to obtain personal shots taken by those who did manage to take some photos and add them later.

The day apparently started out in total confusion for some. A few people (who we won't mention) kept missing the last signpost and went for unexpected tours of the bushland. Sensibly, they turned back and soon found us. The problem? President Brett doesn't know which is his left hand OR his right hand. His directions stated the main signpost was on the right hand side of the road (everyone looked on that side and ignored the left) - in fact it was on the left hand side. Not his fault though - he hadn't been there for quite a while and the signpost had been shifted at some time from the right to left side of the access road.

Anyway, everyone arrived safely and the proceedings got off to a late start - no one really cared - they had been taken in by the beauty and peace of the surroundings - and the very friendly forest birds. So engrossed were some, it was hard to keep everyone together at times. After a sumptuous morning tea feast and several cups of coffee/tea, the first official general meeting of the Dhamurian Society was held. Talks by Brett, Mick and Roma (our enthusiastic executive) soon whipped up the interest and following the meeting, 11 new members enrolled and paid their general membership subscriptions. A great start to a new beginning!

Afterwards, everyone was taken on a tour of the complex and at the end; all took to quiet meditation in the forest chapel highlighted by tree ferns, elk horns and assortments of other forest plants. Brett read out (and everyone repeated) the traditional Aboriginal welcoming chant of "Mu-nga: Moo-nga - the gathering place for discussions by the old peoples" - now under the waters of the lake.

Then it was dinnertime. We thought a few enthusiasts had been lost in the bush somewhere - their absence noted. However, it was found that they could not resist the pressures for solitary confinement to involve themselves in "nature bonding", "spiritual attachment" and "private meditation".

Following a hearty dinner, it was down to the fun challenges of the day as three groups were formed and given three separate challenges to perform -

   (1) Finding a title for a cartoon caption
   (2) Unravelling petroglyphs and ancient inscriptions
   (3) Identifying ancient artefacts.
Some heated and interesting discussions took place as the groups took seat in sunny quiet hideaways in the forest. So intense were some debates, extended time was requested to complete tasks. At the presentation of their findings (amidst peals of laughter), their deliberations were given enthusiastic applause.

Unfortunately, everyone's enthusiasm overlooked the fact that we had all run out of time and it was time to depart. Those not in a hurry went back to places on the lake front, the chapel and secluded spots for further quiet meditation and forest appreciation. All in all, it was a very relaxing social day - definitely not as strenuous as previous adventures. It was great to see everyone joining in and exchanging conversation - of special note was the continuous laughter.

Naughty quotes: This was a most unusual day - naughtiness seemed to be the order of the day.
  • Re one person's very adamant comment on the monkey's face resembling John Howard: "There will definitely be no increase in the rate of GST".
  • Re one lady's comment on bedded couple cartoon (woman hitting her head with hammer): "No thanks! I've already had a bang."
  • Re a discreetly heard comment on the day by one partner to another with his fly open:
    "Psst darling! Your hobby is about to show."
  • Re a certain lady's comment about a cartooned skier viewing large footprints and a large wavy line between: "See! I told you it is true about big-footed men. Just look at (name withheld you lucky devil) over there"
  • Young intrepid thing to Brett: "Where is your big stick - I want to use your feather later"

Webmaster's comment:  Thanks for this report, Brett.  If other members would like to submit their report of the next Indaba, please let me know.

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