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Indaba  May 27 2001

On May 27 2001,  32  people enjoyed a very special indaba on Mt Wolvi. Guests included Grey Wolf, an Alaskan Indian who did a "smoking" ceremony, and Errol from Brisbane. 
The weather was perfect as we began the day with a leisurely morning tea. There was much chatting and light hearted banter.  Brett Green then gave us a rundown on the formation of this Society, and explained the Aboriginal significance ot the region, as well as the myths and legends surrounding "outside visitors" prior to the time of Captain Cook. Grey Wolf told of his meetings with Aboriginal groups in NW Western Australia, and of the similarities between their sacred symbols and those of his tribe.
Errol, who is of Aboriginal blood, told of the "signs of the zodiac" and their meanings, and some explanations of Aboriginal symbols. 
Morning Tea Lunch

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We had a fairly quick lunch as we were all anxious to visit "the caves", a long forgotten Aboriginal initiation area....

The convoy made it's way back down the hill a little to a spot near the cave. We left the cars and headed into the bush. We all made it through the fence and headed down the steep slope until Brett called a halt. Here he performed a simple ceremony to ask for permission to enter the area.

May we enter ? oops...

Downwards to the "gateway"

Not all of us made it....

Eventually we  made it down to the "Wizards Cave".   It is believed that this was an initiation area.

The Wizards Cave The Wizard

The Wizard's Cave

Note the light patch just right of center at the top.......

errol.jpg (106295 bytes)

Errol enjoyed the company and the spirits

We then made our way round the mountain a bit further to the "medicine cave"...
This cave has 2 entrances and lots of eroded patterns. We explored and tested it's sound resonance, with some of the girls doing a bit of "toning".  By now the group had spread out, and eventually made our way along the base of the steep rock cliffs and came back onto the road.

The medicine cave On the way back

The Medicine Cave

On the way back

With hugs all round we departed this magic mountain, tired and (some) sore,  but all very satisfied with our wonderful day.....

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