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INDABA 14/10/2001


"The Yowie Indaba"

25 "Indabans" met at the park in Kenilworth for morning tea despite the weather forecast of rain and storms. Some strolled off for a look around this quaint town, while the kids (and some not so young) enjoyed the swings and flying fox.   Eventually the skies opened up and the rain belted down. Alas this was but a brief shower and things soon cleared up.  After a quick dash to the Cheese Factory to taste and buy some excellent cheeses, the convoy made its way towards Charlie Moreland Park.   We slowed down here and there, searching for native hibiscus plants and the wild "peanut" tree. When we finally spotted the latter, some brave souls exited the cars into a swarm of flying ants, to listen to Brett's descriptions, and to ogle at a lone tree in the midst of the thick scrub.  We continued on to the park, and found a secluded camping area with toilets, camp tables,barbeques, well laid out walking tracks, and a lovely bend in the creek with a swimming hole.

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Great Facilities

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We made our way to the "Amphitheatre" (a terraced area with wood and concrete steps) and launched into the morning's topic: Yowies!     Our guest speaker was unable to attend, so Brett ably "filled in" with tales of sightings, aboriginal legends and some more recent info including reported photos.  It was a delight to just sit in this area, with the birds calling in the treetops, clear air after the rain, and a deep sense of calmness.

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Some got wet bums....

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The Waterhole

The subject "lunch!" was raised during the general questions and we broke up for some much needed sustenance. As always, there was light hearted banter, jokes, some serious discussions and lots of laughter.  We even had a visitor, a lace monitor, who lazily circled the group

lunch1.jpg (73926 bytes)
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The sun came out...
lunch3.jpg (64948 bytes) lace1.jpg (25487 bytes)
So did....

After lunch we all meandered off, some to walk the tracks, some to the waterhole, some to meditate and ponder.
This was a wonderful day at a beautiful place. We had parrots, bellbirds, bush turkeys, egrets, lungfish, turtles, lace monitors, magnificent surrounds and  wonderful company.  Who could ask for more?

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