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INDABA 2/9/2001


"The Tree Circle Indaba"

After a rainy night, the day dawned clear and warm.   34 of us (eventually) made our way to Miva, on the Mary river.  There is a landmark old bridge here, (complete with resident ghost) a lazy bend of the Mary River, a pleasant park, and a very special ceremonial area.

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earlyarrivals.jpg (76237 bytes)
Early Arrivals

morningtea.jpg (69389 bytes)
Morning Tea

Morning tea was a leisurely affair (as always) with lots of banter and light hearted laughter.  Brett then formally welcomed everyone and related the story of the bridge, and the story of Dhakkanguini. We then strolled off  to the bridge, to seek out ghosts, search the waters below for the elusive lungfish, or just to watch the majestic Mary making her way through the landscape to her ultimate destination, the sea.

oldandnew.jpg (42517 bytes)
The old and the new?

spotthefish.jpg (2476 bytes)
Spot the lungfish....

Some (who shall remain nameless) made their way down to the water's edge on the upstream side to collect the fruits of nature..... (pumkins floating down after the rain),
while others just watched and waited, and waited and......  Some saw turtles and small fish jumping. No one saw the ghost.

pumkins.jpg (42985 bytes)
Soggy Pumpkins?
mary.jpg (89776 bytes)
The Majestic Mary

We again gathered at the tables in the park for some quick sustenance before heading off across the paddocks to the ceremonial area...

offwego.jpg (69518 bytes)
Off we go...

accrossthecreek.jpg (77875 bytes)
Over the creek.....

Not all made the trip as the grass was slippery (tall too..) and the gullys steep. Those who did, came to a wonderful stand of 4 magnificent fig trees. These ancient beauties stood at the 4 cardinals, North, South, East and West. 
Brett  explained the aboriginal significance of the area, and a little about the ceremonies which were performed here. We all entered and sought out meditation places among the butressed root systems, each seeking their own little piece of this heaven.   We then joined in a chant before leaving this magical place to head back to the park to attend to matters of the stomach.

gettingready.jpg (81084 bytes)
Getting ready to enter..

thetrees.jpg (121388 bytes)
The Trees

As always, lunch was a happy time with laughter and discussions, and even an impromptu game of cricket.  We then settled into a chat session, with Brett updating us on some recent developements with regards to NUMA, and some info on the South Australian Rock Glyphs. There was some general discussion about crop circles and everyone oooohed and ahhhhed at the pics in Rod's book (thanks Rod!)

Eventually, with hugs all round, we drifted off to return to the mundane world, but the images of this special place will stay indelibly etched in our memories......

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