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INDABA 7/4/2002


"The    Spider Learning    Indaba"

Mothar Mountain Rock Pools once again echoed to the sounds of  22 Indabans.
We began with a leisurely morning tea as always, with lots of laughter, joking and chatter.  Brett then called us together and explained a little about the significance of this place and the aboriginal "Spider Legends"

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Morning tea

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Some of the group

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Brett explained....
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On Guard

We made our way to the "teaching place" leaving Gail to guard our gear. Along the way we stopped for a short ceremony at a pool in the creek to ask for permission to enter. At the teaching place Brett told of the initiation levels and some of the teaching methods. He then gave us the known info on the American "Moth Man" story, before relating the aboriginal legend of the  "Moth - Man - Bat".   We all sat enthralled, mentally tallying the similarities as a huge wedge-tailed eagle circled lazily overhead.

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At the "teaching place"
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lunch.jpg (55160 bytes)

We made our way back in dribs and drabs to enjoy lunch, some stimulating discussion, and just drink in the beauty of this place.
Eventually it was time to depart, and with hugs all round, we went our separate ways, with new and old ideas to ponder, and memories of a wonderful day.

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