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INDABA 04/08/2002


Majestic in the Park

We met at the park in the shadow of the wonderful Mt Cooroora at Pomona.  Our Guest speaker was Gary Cook,  a well-known authority on highly controversial ancient civilisation discoveries in New Zealand.   Gary and his lovely wife gave up some of their "holiday time" to meet with us and exchange information.

Gary told of the findings of artifacts and spiritual places, and of interests in diverse subjects. There was mention and discussion of magnetic anomolies, vibratory rates, magnetite influences, and much, much more......

It is interesting to note that Gary and friends in NZ, seem to suffer similar attitudes from the "accepted establishment" as we do here in OZ in relation to "new discoveries" or anything which may "rock the boat" with regards the currently taught histories of our respective areas.    The "old boys club" seems to be able to deny truth with the wave of a so called "qualified" hand, preventing any new findings by "amateurs" from ever being seriously investigated, or accepted.

Gary also told of investigations into early maritime visitors, as well as possible links to other races as possible "original settlers" of the NZ isles.  He mentioned some legends, and their signifigance to the historical record, and possible mis-dating of the arrival of the Maori in New Zealand.

thepark1.jpg (54092 bytes)
In the Park

gcook1.jpg (44480 bytes)
Gary Cook

Again, the parallels were amazing. In both our countries there seems to be a conspiracy of "denial" for any theory (or artifact) that is not within the "accepted view" of history.

Why is there not a concerted effort to discover the TRUTH in our histories, instead of the current trend of denial of every new piece of historical evidence?

Thank you Gary for your attitude, information and sharing.....

Many of us left the park to visit the Majestic Theatre.  Owners Ron & Mandy West had graciously offered a tour of this historical establisment.  Not only did we get a guided tour, but Ron & Mandy provided a Buster Keaton and Laurel & Hardy movie, accompanied by Ron on the old pipe organ.  It was a trip back in time, and it showed that humour was timeless, with the laughter of the kids (and many adults) .... 

majestic.jpg (5685 bytes)
The Majestic Theatre

Majestic1.jpg (5538 bytes)
Inside the Majestic

Every one thoroughly enjoyed the performance, and the indulgence in nostalgia, with many vowing to return to see Rudolph Valentino....
(I think that I was the lucky one on the day as I sat nearest to the pipes of the organ, and actually "felt" the music)

We returned to the park for lunch, and enjoyed much exchanging of information, ideas and theories on many and varied subjects, from Egypt to ancient mariners, to vibratory rates, to geological dating.......

thepark2.jpg (50905 bytes)
The Park & Mt Cooroora.....

We eventually parted with hugs all round and a vow to keep in touch with our counterparts from across the Tasman......

Many thanks to the Cooks for finding the time during their "holiday" to visit us and share......

Many thanks to Ron & Mandy West for the "trip back in time"

May the TRUTH prevail.....

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