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INDABA December 2002


Rattler Train Trip

With the forecast of possible rain, (but as humid as he- - ) we all turned up at the old Gympie railway station fora train ride to Imbil.  The "Valley Rattler" sat there, hissing and belching, and puffing it's smoke to the sky.  We all boarded "our" carriage (we had a whole carriage booked) and sat back for a VERY enjoyable trip up the Mary Valley.

Please note: there has been a request for "larger" pics, so if you click on an image below, be prepared to wait while it downloads.... They are BIG pics...

rattler.jpg (103055 bytes)
The "Rattler" at Gympie
elbows.jpg (116358 bytes)
The group photo... (heh heh)
crossingpoints.jpg (105227 bytes)
Crossing the points
view3.jpg (99041 bytes)
In the Mary valley...

We "rattled" our way up the Mary Valley towards our first stop at Amamoor.  Here there was a small market with lots of goodies for the intrepid traveller... There was also a great "historical" hall, a room in the old station, with pictures, and old railway items on display.  The heat was awful, and we were glad to be back on the train and moving again....  Onwards towards lunch at Imbil. We all took photos and filmed this interesting journey.

ammamoor.jpg (119563 bytes)
Short break at Amamoor
filming.jpg (103000 bytes)
Filming the filmer.

We arrived at Imbil and waited and watched as they turned the locomotive around. For many this was a first time experience.

turntable1.jpg (150454 bytes)

turntable2.jpg (143754 bytes)

turntable3.jpg (146519 bytes)

We wandered off to explore Imbil, with many availing themselves of a fine feed at the Hotel.  We eventually all gathered back at the train for the return journey.  Ominous clouds were building up behind Imbil, and there was much chat about the possibility of rain.

Well rain it did, and hail, and wind. Windows were closed, doors were shut. The storm followed us. We stopped on the way back for a cheese & wine tasting, but many stayed on the train, rather than get drenched!!!

No more pics from this point as the camera lens was fogging up (my glasses as well...)

We made it back to Gympie with the storm still above us, had hugs all around, and dashed through the rain to our cars, and headed for home...

Our thanks to the "Valley Rattler" crew for a great trip.

The rain was a "small blessing" as it was relatively short and sharp, but many in the district appreciated what little they got in this year of severe drought.

May next year be fruitful for all, may the rains come, and your plants, veggies, flowers and love all grow to abundance.

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