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INDABA 07/07/1002


"In Remembrance -   A Spiritual Experience"
Sunday 7th July 2002

We met at the designated park for a quick "car change", where many of us climbed into 4 wheel drives for the arduous climb ahead.   We then travelled in convoy to a place of many conflicting emotions.

The site was within a state forestry area, which was in the process of being felled.  The bare hillsides, some dotted with pine stumps, some with windrows of remains piled up ready to be burnt, showed the folly of  the "clear felling" system. Many comments were made about the erosion that would be caused if the heavy rains came, and how barren the hills were.

We made our way upwards.... 

The hills were steep and dusty. The signs of destruction assaulted our senses.

Finally we came to the bottle trees.  Here was a still relatively "pure" area of natural forest (although heavily logged in the remote past) with a group of enormous bottle trees.  The largest was the subject of an aboriginal legend, which Brett related to the group as we observed and marvelled at these ancient trees.

We stayed here for a "morning tea" break, with some collecting seeds, others wandering around and finding more bottle trees, and the rest just enjoying the area and each others company and some interesting discussions on everything from forestry to yowies!


As usual, click on a pic for a bigger image....

Climbing up...and up...

Convoy stopped

to the trees
Heading to the Bottle Trees

the Goanna tree
The Goanna Spirit tree

We again entered the 4WD's for the climb to the top.  Here we found a small patch of mountain rainforest and an old slab hut, the remains of John Green's original  storehouse, modified by more recent timbercutters and forestry workers, but still with the original hand adzed silky oak roof beams. Unfortunately this hut is now occupied by white ants who are, after 160 odd years, finally wreaking their own form of destruction on this piece of history.

The Storehouse

Brett tells about the shack
Brett tells the story....

After lunch, and much chatting, some wandered back through the mountain rainforest, marvelling at the enormous clusters of tree orchids, birdsnest ferns, stag and elkhorn ferns, all nestled high in the rainforest canopy.  Strangler figs had gained control of their hosts and created a twisted, twirling trunk of a new entity. Many fine root systems of "higher" situated lifeforms dangled to the ground in their search for earth and water, creating a   surreal web of living "vines", almost like a living jail cell, barring the path of those who wished to enter....

Then it was "off to the rock", the final resting place of Dhakkanguini and his ancestors, and a ceremonial place of much signifigance.  Many donned the "painted symbols" before venturing to this magical place. Brett explained about the rituals that were performed here, and Peter played the didgeridoo while we contemplated the past, the present and the future of this place.

We then made our way down below to the burial cave.   An ancient Ka'bi artifact was placed in the cave, and we all entered and again contemplated.  Peter once again played, the tonal vibrations transporting many to "places beyond".

Others experienced varying degrees of "spiritual" sensations, which shall remain (at this stage) private to themselves.

We left this place with deep emotional memories. All vowing that this had been a "very special" experience.

The Rock
On the Rock

Many thanks to those 4WD owners who "loaded us up" in their vehicles for this trip. 

Thank you Peter for your "huff and puff" on the "didge"...

Thank you Dhakkanguini, and your ancestors for the spiritual history you have left ingrained in that place....

"Travel safely to the sky world, my friend, your torture is ended"


Webmaster's note.....

I apologise to those who have waited for this report....   Due to the sensitive nature of the area, and the (in some cases extreme) experiences of some members, it was prudent to delay this report until those members had sufficient time to deal with that which they had experienced.....   At this stage all members who had deep "experiences" in the cave, are happy with themselves and their experiences....... 

Webmasters 2nd note....

Resulting from our viewing of the destruction around the area mentioned above, we contacted the Department of Natural Resources.  Their representatives accompanied Brett and I to the site and have agreed to protect it as best they can....
Our HUGE thanks to Andrew and Ernie for their caring, time, knowledge and attitude.

We are continuing our liaison with these wonderful gentlemen in the interests of the preservation of "important sites" in the region.

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