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INDABA 02/06/2002


"Getting Back to the Wonders of Nature"
Sunday 2nd June 2002

On looking out of the window early on the Sunday morning and taking  view of the weather, I thought to myself - "This is going to be one of those days when nothing is going to go according to plan" - and how right my somewhat negative observations were!

First, I was as sick as a dog with some virus that hit me during the night. Then came a series of phone calls saying they could not make it because of the weather predictions etc etc - cowards all they were!

Then when I was about to ring my right-hand man Mick asking him to take
over for the day because I was near death - he advises he cannot make  it either - he is down with the illness also and all his passengers had pulled out because of "sudden expediencies".

What looked like being a very miserable day during my early morning ill-conceived observations had indeed come true. Then I looked at the clock and knew that I was already going to be late. With no mobile to contact those who I knew would definately be there to let them know I was going to be late, I let matters take its course and subsequently, packed and proceeded in the matter of a hearse carrying a corpse to the place of my meeting just out of Tin Can Bay.

To make matters worse amidst the showers of rain towards Goomboorian,
a police car pulled out from a side road and took up a distinguished position to the fore and escorted me virtually to Toolara in what seemed to be second gear. I didn't feel like passing him so followed at cortege speed behind him.

To make matters worse, as we passed the Silky Oak Tea-Garden road entrance, a second police car exited and took up the position to the rear of my car. What a privilege! A police escort and a police rear- guard. I looked about for my crown to put upon my parasited head of woes and proceeded to give my royal wave to all those vehicles   passing in the opposite direction. I wasn't game to divert from the
princely procession in case a demand was made upon me for proof of identity and that they were escorting the correct royalty.

On reaching Toolara, my prized excort departed me to other chores and I proceeded to look for the lead in my shoes to catch a tail-wind to the place of meeting. At least there was blue sky and no rain in sight.

"Thank heavens" I thought. "Someone up above has taken pity on me and is going to present a fine day for what can be salvaged of the planned day's activities".

I arrived 35 minutes late - an absolute disgrace - I shall never live it down. Those brave adventurers had already eaten and taken their fill of hot drinks and soups and had stood about in the arctic wind awaiting the not so cellubrious arrival of their fearless leaders who had  somewhat appeared to have been lost in the mists of rain and pine forest plantations.

A quick arrival. Some quick greetings to the 11 enthusiastic and patient followers of spiritual adventure. A quick departure. A speedy convoyed journey to the turnoff near Rainbow Beach. A slow traversal of muddy  and waterfilled road holes and depressions. We arrived!!!! The day was looking perfect. The setting was magnificient in the ancient rainforest - tall majestic trees, masses of ancient palms, orchids, Crow's Nests,   staghorns, Elkhorns, Kauri Pines, Strangler Figs - it was nature at its untouched best.

A quick talk by Brett on points of interest and directions. Soluntra led the trail of adventurers off into the forest along the trails to the hidden spiritual lake of Poona. The fine but overcast weather was a pleasant joy being free from the showers of rain. Roma and Alan made the decision to stay at the picnic tables to keep myself company due to my decision not to partake in the journey of which I knew I would not complete and ultimately be a burden to the others in the team. (Oh what a saint I am!!!)

Anyway, everyone had a great time along the forest trails. Most set off in directions around the lake for self-inspired activities. Lunch by the waters at the sandy point was "religious" in nature - everyone was affected by the beauty and serenity of the place.

The day's activities were a great success. Everyone had a great time. They all want to go again but in warmer weather.

The only "downer" of the day .... Everyone got thoroughly soaked "to   the bone" on their return walk along the trails to the picnic area in   one huge "out of the blue" tumultuous tropical downpour that lasted for   nearly 15 minutes - a sort of "cleansing" after leaving the Lake confines. Roma, Alan and myself had to take refuge huddled together under an information shelter to avoid the huge downpour and it was  from that point that we witnessed all the "drowned rats" emerging from the deep forest trails.

After some quick changes - privacy was not a question - everyone packed up - turned the car heaters on - expressed their joy with the day - and speedily departed as the heavy rains set in.

There was only one question on our lips ... Whatever happened to Soluntra and her two companions who went off on their spiritual journeys at the lake? They did not appear from the forests after all had left. Did they get caught up in the rain? Did they take temporary shelter in the forests? Did they lose themselves in the spiritualities of the magical place? No one has heard from them since!

The mystery was solved on the following Tuesday. They circumnavigated the lake - met up with spiritualities of the area - meditated - and involved themselves totally in body and spirit with the peacefulness  of the lake waters. Soluntra said they were quite safe with "the Guardians" of the lake. Raincoats saved the day from the latter-day increasing rain downpours.

The most interesting observation of the day at the picnic spot where Roma, Alan and myself conversed in the glory of the natural rainforest, was the stunning revelations that so many bushwalkers - young families, elderly couples, bushwalking clubs and untold backpackers of numerous nationalities used the trails to Freshwater Lake and other points of  interest accessed only by way of the trails.

This place of wonders is a real treasure - and we all thoroughly enjoyed the experience of the day.

My thanks to all who supported the day despite the inclement outlook of the weather - and sorry about that final disastrous downpour of rain - it was not of my doing.

Brett J.
(El Presidente Incapacitato Dutu Wogavirus)

(Webmaster's note:  I'm sorry Brett, it sounds like you were worse than me with the "virus".....  I owe you one... Thanks for the report !!!!)

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