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INDABA 3/3/2002


"The    a 'maze' ing    Indaba"

With so much happening on this weekend (CHOGM, Cleanup Australia, Iron Man, Triathlon etc ) as well as the threat of the dark grey skies, it is little wonder that only 7.5 people turned up for a wonderful day out.  (Don't get me wrong.... the .5 was a child....)

We arrived at the appointed time and settled into the picnic area for morning tea and a chinwag....  The whole complex is a magnificent effort by the owners to recreate a tropical garden, with palms, ponds, and a myriad of trees, plants, vines, and grassy areas for the delight of visitors.
Many recent topics were discussed and Mick passed around the pictures of  "the hole in the sky"  that Tono had given him.... (Thanks Tono for the effort to secure these pics)   We also passed out copies of the proposed agenda for the rest of the year's Indabas, and chatted about the "pros and cons" of each.

It was then time for those brave enough to enter the maze.  We had a ball. Weaving in and out, running into dead ends, wandering along seemingly endless paths between walls of hedge.   Mick was the first to reach the centre, followed by the rest at very short intervals.   The problem then was to find our way out again.......

(Click a pic  for a larger Image)

morningtea.jpg (63235 bytes)
Morning tea

themaze.jpg (34756 bytes)
The Maze !!!

lostagain.jpg (62825 bytes)
Lost Again....

madeit.jpg (60586 bytes)
Made it !

allthere.jpg (70650 bytes)
All there.
viewovertop.jpg (45291 bytes)
The view over the top.....

We returned to the picnic spot for lunch, and again indulged in much discussion on such topics as experiences at Round Mountain, SBS Documentaries and the ability of ants to carry so much weight (with a demo by the local ants! )

After lunch we made our way to the walk through bird aviary and enjoyed the company of our feathered friends.

imshy.jpg (66271 bytes)
I'm Shy....
peace.jpg (47989 bytes)
Peace to all...
uphigh.jpg (73531 bytes)
Up High
prettyboy.jpg (67788 bytes)
Pretty Boy!
prettyboy2.jpg (60677 bytes)
Pretty Boy again!
imsafehere.jpg (74035 bytes)
I'm safe here (aren't I ?)

After wandering and wondering through this area and marvelling at the colours that are bestowed upon the creatures that co-habitate with us on this tiny rock called earth, we made our way back to the carpark and the stark world of asphalt and metal.

With hugs all round, we daparted for home, after a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Oh, and the rain?  None....   And who got out of the maze first?    Gail !

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