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INDABA 6/5/2002


"Cruisin' the Straits    Indaba"

We met at Tin Can Bay near the boat ramp for a quick morning tea, before boarding the Ferry for the day's cruising

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Morning tea

Image2.jpg (27486 bytes)

We settled in and our Captain, Chris, turned the boat and headed for the "Great Sandy Strait"

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Settling in
Image4.jpg (28270 bytes)
still settling in.....
Image5.jpg (25157 bytes)
Captain Chris

We made our way out of Tin Can inlet with a small dinghy in tow, ably guarded by the girls on the "rear deck".  Inside the vessel was comfy, and along the way both Elaine and Irene (who was celebrating her 84th birthday) had a go at steering the boat.

We were heading for Kauri Creek and a place where there once stood a pyramid, and along the way Brett shared his knowledge of this structure and a lot of the aboriginal history of the area.

The "red banks" was as far as we dared venture due to the lack of depth, and Chris took to the oars in the dinghy to ferry some brave members ashore. He wouldn't use the outboard here due to the stony bottom whoch may have damaged the propeller.

Image6.jpg (27192 bytes)
Guarding the dinghy

Image7.jpg (31799 bytes)
Inside the "Cabin"

Image8.jpg (29722 bytes)
I can do this...
Image9.jpg (25539 bytes)
with my eyes closed
Image10.jpg (28964 bytes)
Birthday Girl
Image11.jpg (23298 bytes)
Fraser Island & Inskip Point
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Brett sharing

Image13.jpg (16719 bytes)
Kauri Creek

Image14.jpg (24898 bytes)
Our destination

Image15.jpg (33476 bytes)
Rowing ashore

Those who went ashore meandered about, looking at the volcanic stones or exploring farther inland to an ancient aboriginal ceremonial ground.  A short, sharp storm came in from the south-east "initiating" those ashore, and the wind causing the ferry to "swing" about the anchor, and with the chop making the rowing back to the boat an arduous chore.

We had lunch here as time was getting on, before up-anchoring and heading for "The Bluffs" on Fraser Island.

Image16.jpg (33425 bytes)
Storm coming....
Image17.jpg (44890 bytes)
Meditating,  or asleep?
Image19.jpg (26456 bytes)
Heading for Fraser Island
Image25.jpg (32924 bytes)
Definately asleep
Image21.jpg (35146 bytes)
Outboard Motor this time

Image23.jpg (35476 bytes)
Along the shore
Image22.jpg (20519 bytes)
A long way to swim!
Image24.jpg (22392 bytes)
Back to the boat

Again not all went ashore, with some preferring to relax with the gentle sway of the ferry. Those who did go ashore, explored along the beach for a short while, collecting cuttlefish and shells, marvelling at the twisted driftwood, or just absorbing the atmosphere of this special place.
Time was all too short as we again entered the dinghy and returned to the boat, and began the slow journey back to Tin Can Bay.
Along the way we were treated to three magnificent sights...... An eagle swooped and caught a snake in the water before winging majestically over us and heading for shore, a glorious rainbow in front of a storm and a superb sunset......

Image27.jpg (9976 bytes)
Rainbow warriors?

Image28.jpg (29623 bytes)
Sunset over Kauri Creek

We arrived at the jetty in the dark, totally happy with our day, yet sad that it was over with many vowing to return.

Image29.jpg (13716 bytes)
Tin Can Bay jetty ahead?

Image30.jpg (31271 bytes)
Packed up to leave

Many thanks to Brett for organising this trip, and to Chris, our captain, and to Shane, who on his first Indaba, stepped in as "deckhand" to help steady the dinghy, pull up the anchor, and steer us back from the island.

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