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INDABA  Oct 2002



This was a weird Indaba !    The theme of the day was UFO info, to be presented by Roma Ravn, past President of the Gympie UFO Society.  However there was a buzz around as Brett and Mick had just returned from Fraser Island after being involved in another "controversial trek"......

We met at the point at Tin Can Bay. The day was hot, the water very blue (and very inviting) and the atmosphere electric !    We had a laid back morning tea and then Roma gave us all some extremely thought provoking reports of UFO sightings, abductions, and coverups.  She also showed some great diagrams. The discussion progressed to questions on sightings and how to report them, with many in attendance saying that they had seen "unexplainable" lights, objects, or forms....... 

atthepoint2.jpg (59937 bytes)
At the Point
roma1.jpg (41157 bytes)
roma2.jpg (36086 bytes)
viewing.jpg (44193 bytes)
Viewing the pics
bretttells.jpg (49420 bytes)
Brett tells about Fraser Island
weird1.jpg (50967 bytes)
UNtouched WEIRD pic.....

We actually had a "close encounter" on the day, but alas, it turned out to be a wayward motorised paraglider....  ( "warped idiot !" was the description by some....)

We then progressed to the "Fraser Island Story"... (no, not the one about Eliza ! )

Brett and Mick had just returned from a trip to Fraser Island with Tristan.  The trip had been to investigate some buried objects in the sand north of Orchid Beach. 
There had been a discovery of ancient cannons, and they were there to observe.  What they saw, (and touched) they told, were large cannons, settled in the sand, along with wooden items which looked like the large "ribs" of an ancient sailing ship. The head Archaeologist of this site had suggested that these artifacts may have been Portuguese, but Brett had a feeling that they were Chinese.....  ( what is that saying about your "gut" feeling?)

Whatever the result may be, we had a great day discussing the "unbelievable" and the "almost believable", and the pros and cons of Government coverups and the misrepresentation of history and the current truth.....  Phew ! What a day !

For those who drove all the way from the Sunshine coast, and went past us numerous times without seeing us, and who went home without ever finding us, be wary..... The FORCE is with US !  (heh heh)....

All in all,  this was a great day of discussion and the sharing of ideas, theories, experiences and wonders.  We eventually left (after the usual hugs all round) and returned to our abodes with many new possibilities, insights and a degree of wariness.


Webmaster's footnote:
The kerfuffle that followed the discovery of ancient cannons was unbelievable !  Many "so called" experts gave varying opinions, and eventually the whole thing was "poo - pooed" and written off as " the davits" from a wreck that sank in 1914.....

Well I'd like to tell them what I saw and touched......

I saw the bulbous end of an ancient cannon. I touched it, I put my fist inside it.  I felt the length and shape of it.    IT WAS A BLOODY CANNON !!!!!

The media circus blew the whole discovery out of proportion by suggesting that the Portuguese may "OWN" Australia... The Government spin doctors went into action and the bullshit coverup followed.

If it was just some bits from a known 1914 wreck, then why did the Government place a 400 metre "exclusion zone" around the site?....   Why did a former Politician give a verbal suggestion that they knew that the wreck was Chinese?....  


The pics below are large and may take a while to download the "big" versions
Make up your own mind.....

cannon1.jpg (101395 bytes)

evidence.jpg (115353 bytes)

The above pics were taken by the webmaster. We apologise to the Chief Archaeologist, but we will not be silenced by Governments, nor anyone else.
More to follow.....


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