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INDABA September 2002


The Rites of Spring ?

This Indaba was meant to be a fun outing, and boy, it sure was !
We met on Mt Tinbeewah (some being quite tardy) and the turnup was reasonable considering that it was "Father's Day"  (we pick some good days, don't we?)

As usual, Click the pic for a larger image...
arrival.jpg (49372 bytes)

We lounged around and had a leisurely morning tea and met Neville, who showed us his photos of the "Gosford Site", a site decried by some as a "hoax" yet already authenticated by others.....   Thanks Neville !

We then proceeded to do ancient "springy" things. We made headbands from fern fronds, and split into 2 groups. After drawing straws to see who went first, each group performed a "short play" on what they thought the "rites of spring" meant. 

headgear.jpg (44778 bytes)
Making Headwear

shortstraws.jpg (58381 bytes)
Who'll get the short straw?

playtime.jpg (56314 bytes)
Who's a spring fairy then?

lunch.jpg (59527 bytes)

After much frivolity and laughter, we had a lazy lunch before heading to the top of the mountain.  We sat and drank in the fabulous view for a while.  Soluntra lead a meditation with some having deep experiences.

goingup.jpg (38851 bytes)
Going up...

theview.jpg (31709 bytes)
The view... breathtaking !

atthetop.jpg (32195 bytes)
At the top !

meditation.jpg (45264 bytes)
The meditation


We left this magnificent mountain with regret, to return to the so called "real world"

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