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INDABA 07/12/2003


The "Festive Season" Indaba

We met at Tono's house for our "end of year" party / Indaba. Tono showed us around and we settled on the balcony and admired the view.

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On the balcony Blowing up baloons

As usual, the morning tea was leasurely, with lots of chatting. Tono even blew up some balloons to much chiding about him being a "big bag of wind"....

The discussions varied, with small groups forming to discuss one subject, and then breaking up to join other discussions.

As morning tea became lunch, we were entertained by the antics of the local birds, with crows, magpies and butcher birds all vying for tasty morsels readily supplied by us.  Tono fired up the barbecue and the cooking smells permeated the air.

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Friendly Crow Barby time!
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Discussing... Jay & SWEET RICE !

Tono announced a special treat: Jay Mulder, Ayurvedic chef was coming with a feast of Sweet Rice. This was a fantastic delicate rice with vanilla flavouring thatks to real vanilla beans. Jay had also created a strawberry sauce.... Mmmmmm. Most of us had two helpings as Jay explained the significance of this dish.

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Didgeridoo In the bush

Nathan gave us some didgeridoo music then some of us couldn't help ourselves: we had to go explore the bush down the hill. We scrambled along the creek, and even found some fossilised wood.
It was a GREAT DAY  and all who attended thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  (although I think we might need to go on a diet after the feasting !!) ..

Webmaster's comment:
Many thanks to Tono, for opening his home to us, and supplying sausages and other delights.  Special thanks to Jay for his Sweet Rice of the Gods.

And now for another year........

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