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INDABA April 6th 2003


The "Mind your Mind" Indaba

We met at Gail's for a sumptous morning tea, in the shaded area below her house. Gail had kindly laid on tea and coffee "makings" along with a hot water urn and milk.  We relaxed and chatted. Brett gave us an update on various recent developements. He then handed over to our guest speaker, Neil Crossland.

Neil is a psychologist, and gave us an insight into his job, and psychology itself. He discussed the workings of the brain, and the intricacies of the human mind. There were many spirited questions from the group, and some "side track" discussions, until we broke for lunch.

Image1.jpg (42096 bytes)
Seating arrangements

Image2.jpg (38503 bytes)
Morning tea


Image3.jpg (46609 bytes)
Brewing a coffee

Image5.jpg (41363 bytes)

After lunch Neil delved deeper into the conscious mind, unconscious mind and consciousness itself, generating many questions and much discussion on such diverse topics as cosmic concsciousness, reality, parallel worlds.......VERY  deep stuff !!!

Image4.jpg (37747 bytes)
In discussion...

Neil showed us some diagrams of ancient interpretations of the world, recommended some reading material, and finished to a rousing bout of applause.

With hugs all round, we departed to contemplate life, thoughts, the mind and our own realities.


Many thanks to Gail, for allowing us to use her home, and for the "makings" and extras.

Thank you to Neil (and Vicky) for making the trip from Bundaberg to talk "shop"...

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