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INDABA 03/08/2003


The "Mt Tinbeewah" INDABA

We met at the carpark around 10.00am and enjoyed a very leisurley morning tea.
This was to be a "spiritual / healing" day, and some just relaxed, some had healing in the bush, and some even had a foot massage.
Many made the climb to the lookout, and although the wind was cold, and the view quite hazy, all agreed that this was a glorious place. Congratulations go to Irene, who at 85 years young, also made the climb.

We returned to the park for another laid back lunch, with much chat and laughter.

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Morning Tea

The Lookout

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What's that? Bush Healing
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Foot Massage Cave entrance

After lunch some of us made the testing trek around the base of the sheer rock walls to check out an ancient cave. This cave is silted up nearly to the roof line, and we had to shimmy in on our stomachs just to get some pics.

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Inside the Cave Inside the Cave
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Returning along the cliff base Back to the car park

We returned to the car park, tired but with an inner sense of peace and calm.
This had truly been a spiritual day.

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