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INDABA Feb 02 2003


The WOLF CLAN   Indaba   February 2003

Well, it was the first Indaba for 2003 and what a great day it was.  We arrived in dribs and drabs at the Wolf Clan Lodge at Tuchekoi, a peaceful retreat in a hidden valley.  Anne and Graham opened their hearts and their home to us for what became a very interesting day. 

deck.jpg (49046 bytes)
The Wolf Clan "Deck"

Brett began the day with some news about land claims and recent contacts made, as well as an update on the "cannon affair".. 

brett2.jpg (50163 bytes)
Which way?

Anne told of her visit to Hawaii, to partake in a "Women's ceremony", that fatefully fell through. This gave her (and her friends) time to explore this area, and to meet some interesting people. The "gods" were watching over them, as they were given accommodation, and many favours during this time.... (why am I not surprised?)  She was even given permission by "Aunty" to take a piece of "rainbow stone" from Mt Pele.....

anne.jpg (52809 bytes)
Anne relating experiences

Brett suggested a "circle" with Anne and the stone, and we formed up, but something was wrong.... I sensed that this was a "Women's day"  and that the men should not have been included in the circle....   Us guys slinked off down the verandah to have a cigarette, and to chat, leaving the women to complete their circle.....

The talk on the day was about "Women's business", the girls outnumbered the guys, and the overall "feeling", was that there was a STRONG feminine energy about.....

I glanced along the verandah towards the circle at one stage, and there was a definite "mist" forming above them.    There was an "air of expectation" amongst the men, and although the chat was "interesting", it was somewhat shallow, as if we were waiting for the "big bang"...

Big it was !!  The sky opened up and the rain came down, accompanied by a squeal of delight from the "circle".   The girls broke and jumped for joy at this downpour.

womensbiz.jpg (41015 bytes)
Secret Women's Business???

We guys joined in the happiness and laughter. 

It was a delighted group that eventually sat down for lunch, and chatted, and laughed, and swapped stories and info.....

lunch.jpg (42153 bytes)

We eventually eased ourselves away, with the usual "hugs" all round, via the "car boot book sale", with some getting valuable books for a song.. ( a lot of the books were political or about communism... good for historical studies...  If you know anyone who is "into" this area, let us know...)

Once again, thanks to Anne and Graham, and all those feminine energies  "above and around",  for a truly wonderful day....

The drought in this area really BROKE after this day... Most local areas got fair to large volumes of rain, with some even experiencing local flooding..!!!!!  (the webmaster included!!!) 
I also had camera trouble.... Although I estimated that I took about 25 pics, the 5 on this page are all that were on the (digital) camera.....

All I can say is.......    "THANKS GIRLS"  (but can you keep it below flood level next time?)

and....  "Never underestimate the power of Women !!!"

Quote of the day : "And I didn't even have to get my b -- bs out!"  (referring to the "naked rain dancers"from overseas.....) 

For more info on the Wolf Clan Lodge, click HERE to visit their web site....

And finally, a emailed apology note from one who didn't make it....

"A flat tyre in the hand is worth a smashed window in the rain"

And he did waketh upon the morn and sayeth unto himself, "Is it Indaba Day?"
And verily did he checketh his e-mails and saw it was. So he prepareth himself and went out. But his steed was lame and tho he trieth to fixed it, alas, he could not for the nuts were too tight. Verily did he expound himself and tho his discus disjointeth did cause him pain it was to no avail. So did he girt his loins and taketh himself back inside.

And a mighty wind arose. And it did blow upon the land. The tarp did shake and the trees bend.

And the strength of the seven winds did snap the pole and the tarp rose high into the air. And the 2 metre pole attached to the tarp did somersault in the wind and he went to grab it. But he thought unto himself, "Shit, that could knock me out!" So he waiteth for the wind to subside and then did he wrestle it to the ground.

And he saw it was good. For the pole was about to smash a window, and surely the rain would wetteth that which lay inside. And he was pleased with his work.

But the wind rose again and did blow. And other pole snapped. It lay upon the ground loosened from it's moorings. And then he taketh down the tarp with great cursing. Yet, verily the rain did come and the land rejoiceth for it was parched.

And he thought of his friends at the Canis Lupus B&B and wished them much rejoicing.        And so it was.

The Gospel according to an intrepid Indaba Dayer.  (thanks Rodney...)


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