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INDABA 01/06/2003


The Birthing Pools   Indaba

The weather forecast was for rain, but the day turned out perfect.  Slightly overcast, and not too cold.

We met at the Showgrounds, and travelled in convoy to the valley, up through the hills, and across the dirt roads, to the day's destination.

We decided to have morning tea near the car parking area, then head off down stream to the birthing pools, and then return for lunch.  This made many happy as they didn't have to cart their "tucker" down the creek.....

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Morning Tea

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Morning Tea


Image3.jpg (54068 bytes)
Heading down the creek

Image4.jpg (49338 bytes)
Still heading down the creek

We criss-crossed the creek, with some taking the left,and some taking the right, and some just stomping down the middle, getting their feet wet in the waters of this magnificent place.

The going was not easy, as the moss and lichen, as well as the detritus from the last floods, was still damp from recent rains. This made the going VERY slippery for those who chose to  try to keep their feet dry....  (heh heh)

We eventually came to the "asking place" where we had to ask permission to enter this area.  Brett did a ceremonial "request" and eventually we were "granted" permission.   We all touched the "rainbow rock" and asked for an individual "permission to enter" 

Image5.jpg (48865 bytes)
Wet feet

Image6.jpg (48844 bytes)
Rainbow Rock

We continued on to the birthing pools.... A magnificent and deeply spiritual place, where the aboriginal women gave birth in the crystal clear waters of this creek.

Image7.jpg (79175 bytes)
The arrival

Image8.jpg (68878 bytes)
Brett explaining

Brett gave a brief explanation of the legends, and of the birthing methods practised here, and then we all meandered round, seeking the places which felt the best for each of us.

Image10.jpg (77978 bytes)

Image11.jpg (61370 bytes)


Image12.jpg (60730 bytes)

Image13.jpg (65428 bytes)

Some had a swim in the chilly waters, and others sought out peaceful meditation spots.  Others "rock climbed" further down the gorge to view more waterfalls...

We then made our way back for a late lunch. We ate, chatted, discussed and marvelled at this delightful place.

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Initiation ?

Image15.jpg (63786 bytes)

We eventually drifted off   to return to a mundane world, away from the flowing waters, the legends, the feelings and the friends.

With the usual hugs all round, we returned to the current world, some much richer for the experience, and some with a lot more questions than answers.....

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