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INDABA March 2nd 2003


The "Old and New" Indaba

This was to be a 2 part Indaba. First we were going to the Mining Museum to see the "Gympie Ape" (carved stone artifact) and view the other exhibits, and then on to the refurbished Art Gallery.

We met at the new rotunda near the museum and enjoyed a leisurly morning tea.
This rotunda was a project of the local Lions club, and congratulations must go to them for a job well done. We also checked out the "Flood Gauge" which showed the heights of the floods in Gympie over the last hundred or so years.

Image5.jpg (38057 bytes)
The new rotunda

Image1.jpg (47275 bytes)
Morning tea

We entered the Museum, and immediately headed for the "Ape."   This item is housed in a huge converted water tank, along with many "pioneer" household items, and some old mining gear including old weighing scales.  Unfortunately, the glass case aroung the "Ape" made it very dificult to photograph, so I apologise for their poor quality.

Image2.jpg (25818 bytes)
The flood gauge
Image10.jpg (36317 bytes)
Converted water tank
Image6.jpg (83445 bytes)
Gympie Ape
Image8.jpg (10042 bytes)
Gympie Ape

We meandered about the complex viewing the wide range of exhibits. There was military, medical, transport, communications, rail, old houses and settlers' shacks, a blacksmith shop, and of course, mining exhibits, all generating a sense of wonder at the abilities and resillience of our early pioneers. 

We even took a walk out along the rail bridge to the "poppet head" with it's pullys and the cage in which the miners would descend to the depths below.

Image11.jpg (52299 bytes)
Not for those scared of heights

Image14.jpg (56376 bytes)
Amazing structure

We returned to the rotunda for lunch, and afterwards, Gail gave an impromtu card reading for each of us.   VERY informative (and accurate) and in some cases hillarious!

Image12.jpg (37068 bytes)
Cards after lunch

I don't know if anyone actually went on to the art gallery.....

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