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INDABA 01/02/2004


The "Up the Creek" Indaba

In the middle of a heat wave we met at the "domes" ...

A quick morning tea was had, (for once) as we wanted to get to the Seary' s Creek day area and secure a good spot by the creek. We filled up the available parking places, made our way down the boardwalk, and settled in on the deck.

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The Dome

Settling in

Morning tea in the "dome" Settling in

We spread ourselves out, with some on the decking, and some amongst the trees.
Gradually, most took to the chilly, but refreshing water of the creek to cool off as the temperature was in the high 30s.

In The Bush Chatting
In the shade of the trees Chatting

The water was the colour of "weak tea" due to the tannins being washed in by recent rains, and many were quite surprised by the coolness. A little way upstream there were some rocks and the swirling waters were like a natural, bubbling spa, but we had to hang on, as the force of the water threatened to wash us back downstream.

In the Creek Up The Creek
Time to cool off... Upstream in the "spa"
chat 2 Thoughts
More Chatting Contemplating....
In The Creek Cool !
Another cool off The kids enjoyed themselves

We had lunch and chatted, and laughed.  Most went for another "cool off" in the creek.  We said oue farewells to Soluntra, who was moving back to "Un Zud", and discussed the format for the rest of the year's Indabas. It was decided that at the end of each Indaba, the theme for the following Indaba would picked by the random drawing of suggested themes.   Deb suggested the theme for the March Indaba:  "Psychic Phenomenon".

We eventually said our goodbyes and made our way back up to the hot cars in the carpark, and departed this lovely place.

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