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INDABA 04/07/2004


"Up with the Eagles" Indaba

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Meeting at the Apex Park.... On the mountain

We met at the Apex park amid the turmoil of a motor accident. A lady had rolled her van off the highway and into the park. Thankfully, she wasn't badly hurt. We watched the comings and goings of the police, ambulance and fire vehicles before making our way north to the dusty mountain track, and on to the "Eagles Nest".

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Relaxing at the top Relaxing at the top

The cloud cleared and the sun shone, as we enjoyed a relaxed morning tea and explored the area around the lookout.   Grass trees grew in abundance, and there were some gnarly old mountain gum trees, eking an existance on the rocky outcrops.

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Grass trees

Ahhh... life in the bush!

The views were stunning, but it was time to move on......

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Stunning view...

Trees.... surviving...

Point Pure Lookout was busy!  Many abseillers and climbers had converged here to tackle the challenging cliff face.

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looking down....

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Another climber

Down below

Some of us made our way down the track to the base of the cliff and explored the area at the "point"

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View from the point

Mts Cooroora, Cooran & Cooroy

We left and headed for Glastonbury Creek Park, with some of us stopping along the way to check out the caves....

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At the caves Steep climb down
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Along the Creek Chat time

We enjoyed a leisurely lunch at the park before exploring along the creek, drinking in the beauty and serenity of this delightful place.

We eventually bade our farewells with hugs all round, and made our way back to "civilization"


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