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INDABA 06/06/2004


The "Mountain Top" Indaba

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Gunalda Park

Rain Radar

Morning Tea at Gunalda.... Rain Radar

We made or way to Gunalda, and enjoyed morning tea in the park there.  The sky was cloudy and threatening rain.  In convoy we climbed the steep road to the top of Mt Kanighan.

Mt Kanighan Mt Kanighan
View from the top View from the top

We had intended to have a meditation at the top, but the site and the sheer amount of radio emissions were not conducive to peace or concentration.  Some wandered along the ridge, others watched the rain radar dish circle around and then stop and point to the sky.

The ridge


Along the ridge


The views were stunning, but we decided to move on to Miva.

Rain in the distance

More Towers

Rain in the distance

More towers, highway end

Lunch was fairly rushed (by our usual standards). It was almost as if we HAD to get over to the 4 trees area in a hurry. 

Miva Park

Miva Park


Nice picnic spot


Dickabram Bridge


Dickabram Bridge

At the trees, some sat and absorbed the energies, some chatted and some wandered about.  We then split up with the women going to one area by the river, and the men to another.  We eventually merged again and made our way back to the park.

Men's Business

The bridge

Secret Men's Business?

Bridge View

Truck on Bridge

Truck on the Bridge

We said our goodbyes with hugs all round and departed for home after this day of mixed energies but glorious scenery.......

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