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INDABA 02/05/2004


The "Women's Business" Indaba

We met at the "corner" for a quick morning tea before moving in convoy to the Bymien Picnic place... The drive in to this place would probably put a lot of visitors off, as it is sandy, slippery, rocky and seems a lot longer than the signs suggest.  When we arrived, there were some already there, waiting for us...

Most of the women as they arrived made a dash for the "facilities",  thereby satisfying the urges of "women's bussiness part 1".....

As usual, click a pic for a larger image...


toodaloo (To The Loo !!!)

At Bymien.... Women's business Part 1

We had a quick discussion, with Brett giving a bit of the Ka'bi significance of the area, before we melted into the rain forest, amazed at the strangler figs, huge satinays, life clinging tree orchids, and staghorns, and elkhorns, enormous palms reaching up for those life giving sun rays......The track in,  was steep, yet the scenery made it enjoyable.    Then we arrived.

on the track arrival
The climb on  the track The arrival !

The lake was serene, the sands pure white, the energy enormous.

The early arrivers relaxed, and chatted till the "stragglers" came in, then  we all explored the immediate area, with the young ones testing the water, and us "older ones" just seeking peaceful places to meditate, or watching the cormorants, or just soaking up the peacefullness.



The kids enjoyed the water

Totally un posed pic???

The women made off to the left, to a special place, to "do their thing", and us guys had a quick chat, before some headed off to the right to explore further.

Lake Poona

Wide view of the lake from the "men's end"

Brett and myself circumnavigated the lake completely, amazed that the water level was down by about 2-3 feet since we were last here (circa 2000) Along the way we heard the sounds of drums, sticks and chants, wafting across the waters from the "women's end". 

accross the lake

Great lake !

Opposite view from across the lake

Yep,  this is a GREAT lake !

Eventually the women returned, and we all chatted briefly, as there seemed to be some urgency to return to the picnic spot....   (hunger??)

We made our way back in "dribs and drabs", still soaking in the beauty and spirituality of this place.... with some, now more aware than before.....

Some had a quick"cuppa" back at the picnic spot, then with hugs all round, we once more departed a "small piece of heaven", to return to the mundane.....

And just what happened at the Women's gathering???    Secret Women's Business. (of course) 
It must have been great, as they all returned laughing and joking and loving.......

(Us guys will never know, but then hey, we need something to wonder about !!)

It is not the "them and us", nor the "male and female" that matters in this existance.... it is pure love,  and pure enjoyment of each other... Everything else pales in comparison.....

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