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INDABA 07/03/2004


The "Psychic Phenomenon" Indaba

We weren't sure if we would get to this Indaba, as many areas had been flooded the day before, (and some still were) however 9 of us made it to the park at Wahpunga.  This park is on the site of the old Wahpunga school, and is well kept with picnic tables and clean toilets. There were even some old fruit trees including guava and bush lemons.  The early arrivers began morning tea and chatted about the weather......

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Morning tea Nice park

As others arrived, the morning tea dragged on and we began our discussion on "psychic phenomenon".   Many views and experiences were put forward and discussed in depth.

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Lunch was folowed by more discussion, then a wander around the park.

Eventually we said our goodbyes and departed this lovely place, with many new ideas and concepts to consider.

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