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INDABA 07/11/2004


"Chat in the Park " Indaba

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The Park We DID get rain....

Nine brave "Indabans" met at the Park despite the forcast for rain. The weather was warm and the grass was green. This park was the site of the original Wahpunga schoolhouse, and has been furnished with picnic tables and toilets. Some of the original fruit trees still stand, joined by newly planted trees and ground cover.

We enjoyed a great day of discussion, relaxing and exploring. The rain did drift across a couple of times, but only served to freshen the air, and intensify the delightful bush smells... 

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Gnarly old tree roots Discussion

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Flowers in the rain


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Friendly Local

More Fungi

We eventually departed to return to the mundane.... refreshed and re-energised.
This had been a wonderful day.

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