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INDABA 03/10/2004


"Rock Pools" Indaba

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The Rock Pool Early Starters

We met at the Rock Pools and had a leisurely morning tea. The drought had taken it's toll, and we were amazed at how low the water level was.

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Newstime Discussion

Brett gave us the news on the spurious native title claims, and the possible scenarios for landowners in the Noosa district, and the probable adoption of this garbage law throughout Qld.

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Native Visitor

Tristan gave us a report on the meetings thet he had attended, and some interesting discussion followed....   Lunch was again a relaxed affair, with the discussion continuing.  The local kookaburras joined us.   We then explored around the pools, with Mick and Robert heading up the creek.........

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Wily old Goanna

More pools

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Up the creek

Water from the rocks

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Bush Turkey

Bush Turkey

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Life in the pools

Pregnant tree?

Those who remained at the picnic spot continued the "original" theme of womens business, until, with the return of Robert and Mick, we departed this magic place.

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