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INDABA 05/09/2004


"Tinnanbar" Indaba

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Morning Tea View to Fraser's Island

We met at the designated place and travelled in convoy to Tinnanbar. This little coastal town is a credit to it's small population. There are picnic tables along the foreshore, clean toilets and glorious views.

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View to the north Interesting seats !

We settled down for morning tea, which became lunch, al the while drinking in the scenery and serenity of this place. Discussions ranged from the Sumerian Tablets to politics to gravity.....
We were visited by some of the "locals" including birds, and even a lace monitor.

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More Pelicans


Some wandered, exploring the area, others sat and simply enjoyed. Gail gave card readings.  

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Tinnanbar Hilton

New from old

Some just dreamed of sailing these pleasant waters....

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We eventually packed up, and with hugs all round, left this wonderful place, relaxed and refreshed.


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