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INDABA 06/02/2005


"Mystery" Indaba
Gail's Place 6th Feb 2005

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Settling in All ears

23 curious   "Indabans" met Gail's place for a Mystery Indaba. Brett gave an introduction followed by Mick with news of an ancient coin found near Gympie. 

Deb organised a psychometry session where we all placed an object, wrapped in tissue, in a box. We each selected one and gave our "impressions" of what we sensed/felt from the object. This was quite enlightening and much fun!

Tono Taylor was our guest speaker for the day, giving us a rundown on his activities, in a fast paced and humurous presentation. Tono's unique way of presenting information has led to his business : "Tono Infotainment" 

He managed to keep us interested (and quiet !) and thinking....  We wanted him to keep on going, but we had to break for lunch.

The discussions and chat continued through lunch, until the rumble of thunder and the threat of a storm sent many of us heading for home.

Again, a great day, with many topics touched on, giving us all "food for thought"

Many thanks to Tono for a wonderfully entertaining presentation.


footnote:  The storms didn't eventuate, drifting off to the east......


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