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INDABA 09/01/2005


"Rebirth " Indaba

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Serene ! Morning Tea

We met at the racecourse and travelled in convoy to the birthing pools.
Morning tea was in a delightful spot by the bubbling creek, with the overhanging branches providing a soft mottled light.
Discussions varied with many topics covered.

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Tristan making movies Along the way

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Face on a bug !

The Pools

Brett Explained the signifigance of this place before we moved off down the creek line to the pools.  Along the way we again marvelled at the colouring of the rock and sheer beauty of the surrounding rain forest.

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That looks cold....

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The Kids enjoyed a swim

Big Kids too !

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Will I, or won't I.... ?


We spread out around the Pool area, some meditating, some just relaxing and some enjoying a dip in the chilly waters. We performed a short ceremony for Pauline before heading back for lunch.  Again the discussions covered many topics.

Eventually we returned to "civilisation", with many thoughts to ponder, and wonderful memories of a pleasant day.

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