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INDABA 03/07/2005


"The Midyear Feast"
Cooroy  3rd July 2005

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This Indaba was our "Midyear Feast", combined with a "Spiritual Houswarming"  at Tristan's place near Mt Cooroy.

We enjoyed morning tea on the verandah after a guided tour by Tristan.

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Morning tea

Morning tea

We then wandered around the property, enjoying the view and the gardens

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Mt Cooroy Mt Cooroy "closeup"
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Lot of space Signals from space?

We returned to the verandahs for a feast of a lunch, with everything from sausage rolls to apple and blueberry pie, combined with much chatting and good humour.

Tono, David and Tristan gave thought provoking talks on the "monetary system scam" as the feast continued.

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Lunch Chatting

After lunch, we had the "Spiritual Housewarming" with Brett performing an aboriginal welcoming ceremony, and informing Tristan that he might be hearing the "patter of tiny feet" here !!

We continued chatting, then gradually drifted back to our own abodes, a little heavier than when we came.....

Many thanks to Tristan & Jenny for inviting us to their home, and may you enjoy the fruits of your endeavours here.


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