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INDABA 05/06/2005


"The AMAZING Indaba"
Gympie  5th June 2005

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OK, for those of you who didn't go....

The June Indaba was held at the Gympie Pyramid!!!

We tried to meet at the rotunda by the Mining Museum, but unfortunately our timing clashed with a gathering of bikies for their annual  "Poker Run".  After the roar of hundreds of  Harleys, Triumphs, Yamahas, and others died down, we eventually "saddled up" for  our own convoy, and made our way to our destination.

At the site

Form a circle....

As everyone arrived they were amazed.....
We formed a large circle for morning tea, and Brett told the amazing story of how a "Private Investor" had purchased the property with the aim of ongoing research and the hopeful discovery of some answers as to who built this mysterious place and why.  
Mick continued with some ideas on how the research should proceed, before we broke from the circle and "headed for the hill."

Brett tells the tale The "Hill"

Mick gave a short tour, pointing out some remaining rock walls, and issuing warnings about the prickly pear....  Most then wandered about, looking, feeling, and simply enjoying the fact that they were actually standing on this fabled site. Some got to work right away, clearing the vines from some interesting rocks...

Interesting rock Local Flora

Over lunch, volunteer lists were made for working bees, and many ideas were exchanged. Quite a few members revealed skills that will come in handy over the course of the project. Everyone was ecstatic.  Plans were made to get the work underway. 
Gradually we filtered away, all carrying the hope that we will discover the truth about this amazing place......

Is that a symbol on that rock?

Stay tuned.....


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