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INDABA 06/03/2005


"By The Waters" Indaba
Seary's Creek (?)  6th March 2005

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What a weird day!    We arrived at the "dome" then convoyed to Seary's Creek. Unfortunately, the area that we were planning on settling into was closed "due to erosion".  The other areas were crowded and had no shade.
We decided to move on to Rainbow Beach.  Robert's car wouldn't start, but he assured us it would go after a while.  The rest of us headed for Rainbow and settled in the shade of some trees near the carpark.  A while later Brett arrived, being late due to a stomach complaint. It was lucky (in a strange way) that Robert and Elaine were still at Seary's when Brett arrived there, or he wouldn't have known where we'd moved to!

Discussions varied as we watched the comings and goings in this busy area. Some strolled out to the beach, the rest sat and chatted.

We enjoyed a relaxed lunch before heading off home.


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