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Webmaster's Note:   This page had been superceded and removed, but due to another malicious media campaign which mentioned this page, we have revived and updated it, so that those who followed the media article can read the lot !

A case of malicious SLANDER !

In the Hinterland Voice newspaper of March 2004, there appeared a disgusting article. Not only was this article unsigned, but it slandered a member of this Society.

It referred to a report (not published) regarding some anomolies in Brett Green's book, The Gympie Pyramid Story.

It also referred to some hastily hand drawn facsimiles of items which were from the Green Diaries.  It claimed that the items in the book were "doctored" by referring to the hand drawn copies, which were not accurate due to their hasty production.

This shows the lack of intelligence of the spreader of this "report".  He relies NOT on the originals (which by the way, STILL EXIST in safe keeping), but bases his slanderous comments on hand drawn quick copies.

Other anomolies were raised, referring to some pictures, which WE already knew about (thanks to Society members doing further research). Brett Green had notified his readers, and stopped the production run so as to revise the book.

This cowardly writer (whose identity we now know) has been passing out this "report" around the Sunshine Coast, and "bagging" this Society, and it's members,  for the last 12 months.

We know that he is writing his own books (mini books?), and therefore stands to gain much by discrediting the Green books.

It is a sad day for History and research, when it comes down to this sort of despicable behaviour.

History should be provided in a truthful manner, as best as the researcher can provide.
If the researcher has to resort to libelous (and anonymous) articles aimed at others, then he must surely deny himself any credibility.

Those who seek truth keep seeking, they don't resort to slanderous "bagging" of other seekers. They "aid and abet" by passing on the truth.

Reproduced below is the transcript of the newspaper article, as well as some comments from the webmaster.

This Report has attempted to summarise only some - not all - of the anomalies found in the books known as the Green Diaries. Many more discrepancies are still under going research. Six books to date have been published in the Tales of a Warrior Series and more recently, a seventh, called The Gympie pyramid Story. More books are due for release soon by the author, Brett J Green.

On first examination, these books smell like roses and, consequently, should have a place of immortality in the historical record. On closer examination, the facts do not add up. Controversy has raged since the first book was published and today still rages uncontained. Mr Green has not attempted to put out the fires. Two camps have formed; one lot are ardent followers and supporters (e.g.The Dhamurian Society) and the other lot are angry and feel betrayed. A vigorous debate rages over whether the material is genuine and original or whether the author has another agenda. In either case, the truth will be revealed, eventually. Controversy surrounds this issue on all fronts. The Green Family appears to have a lot of 'skeletons in the Cupboards' (as do most families) and to parade 'em on centre stage cannot be satisfying in any way.

Brett Green is soon to launch himself on the international lecture stage.
This, indeed, could be a travesty of justice to inflict on an unsuspecting public, unaware of the background and serious anomalies contained in his works. It would appear that, from the evidence shown in Anomaly Numbers 1,2. 3 and 4 presented in this report, that the author has to be held accountable for what appears to be "knowing misrepresentations." His works are full of deceased people references, untraceable documentation,fires, burglary, dubious historical factors, unproven authenticity and cast many doubts on the credibility of the Aboriginal people because of their alleged behavioural practices. In many cases, the author attempts to distance himself from any association with any person, artifact or source. To bring this amount of attention to oneself is undesirable, yet it would seem that Green relishes the limelight and continues to proliferate anomalies, ad nauseum.

He has failed to answer any of the questions asked and continues to assert the genuineness of his work which flies in the face of the compounding controversial evidence - ever increasing, not decreasing. If there is truth in what he has published, it is hardly recognisable now as the weight of the anomalies has now pushed originality or truth - and there is probably some into the shadows.
It is understood that his work has been recognised by the Royal Geographical Society, UK and researchers in New Zealand who wish to promote him. We would question the integrity and motives of those organisations, any published works, promotion of his works or appearances at conferences.
Our researchers have adopted the stance of disregarding any of his research unless it can be corroborated. We wish to remain anonymous on the basis that the messengers are likely to be shot at, rather than the message listened to.
We recommend that you do your own research to validate our findings. As we said earlier, there are more anomalies to record. They will be the subject of Report Number 2.

(You're probably convinced Will Shakespeare wrote The Tempest and Francis Bacon had nothing to do with it) -Editor's note !!


The "revised"  Pyramid book was released in
the year 2000 !!!

This shows how long this "report" has been circulating....




"Followers?" I think NOT !  Supporters, YES !

Agenda?  Sounds like someone who worked for a "conspiracy" magazine...

Refers to a Gympie Times article from 1998, where Green family members acting on misinformation tried to discredit Brett Green. They were proved wrong.


??? Where did he get that idea?


Most people in the remote historical eras are deceased!

The fires and burglaries are proven facts and in the police records.


again, misinformed comments

what questions?

All of history is controversial;  the aim of most serious historians is to present as much from documented sources, and then do follow up research.

3 already known about pictures from a misinformed slanderer?  I don't think so!

??? Again a sorry misinformed comment. We have contacts in the RGS UK, whom we share information with, as well as recognised NZ reseachers.

And who are your researchers? More slanderers who hide behind anonominity?

we only shoot with the truth!  If that hurts, then so be it.

We await the next report with baited breath. Will the writer have the moral fortitude to put their name on it???

I love the editor's comment !

I wish to put the writer of the "anonymous mail" (and "Report 1") on notice. Your actions are slander (as advised by legal council), and can be proven by witnesses. We have a full copy of the "report" and written information as to who it came from. If these comments continue, then appropriate legal action will be taken. 
(good researchers, AND the police, eventually get to the truth !)
Your day of EXPOSURE will come sooner than you expect !

We would like to thank those who sent us the full copies of the "report" and who were also disgusted enough by the article to name (in writing as well as verbally) the perpetrator of this SLANDEROUS article.

Oh yeah, if you want to know who wrote this web page?

Mick Dale
Dhamurian Society
(and webmaster)

(And our research IS GOOD... we DO find out the truth !)

To see the "anomolous" pics, click here.

To read Brett Green's reply,  click here

Other's replies from the Hinterland Voice:
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Another sorry attack on Brett Green took place in the Gympie Times of Friday, May 21st 2004, in the "Behind the Mullock Heap" column.

It is strange that no other person is named in this column, which claims to contain "behind the scenes news, and humorous anecdotes"....

The definition of mullock is:
n.  Rubbish; refuse; dirt.

A quote by Chaucer: "All this mullok [was] in a sieve ythrowe."    And dirt is what this column  "throwes"..... it is NOT a humerous anecdote !!!


DOESN'T compute.
Noted Gympie historical fiction writer Brett Green has done it again. He's mixed up some pretty important dates and upset family members in New South Wales.
In a recent press photo, Mr Green was pictured with an English flag purportedly flown at the siege of Mafeking by his great grandfather John Green who served in the Boer War. Only problem is that John Green died in 1889. 10 years before the Boer War started.
Mr Green's fictional work on the adventures of John Green in colonial Queensland are dismissed by relatives in New South Wales who say John Green never left the Illawarra district.
Recent research by the relatives have unearthed bankruptcy details of John Green in 1864 which show that his adventures in the colony of Queensland would have been highly unlikely.
He was far too busy with 10 kids.

The interesting thing is that the press photo referred to was from another newspaper, "The Weekly Observer"  which happened to insert the wrong name of "John Green", where it should have read "James Green". 

Now the "Dirt Thrower" picked this up and deliberately used it to once again, attack Brett Green, calling him a "fiction writer", and reusing ancient comments from disgruntled family members.

The Observer is going to publish an apology.

One wonders if the Gympie Times will have the moral fortitude to do the same, although, going on the past "character assassination" attempts, one shouldn't hold one's breath.

May the writer of that column wallow forever in the mullock that they hide behind.

And may they also perhaps read the laws pertaining to "slander"  and look up the meaning of the word "research".   Blindly reporting from a competitor's (mistaken) article is not research, nor journalism.....

From the Weekly Observer, May 26, 2004:

Small minds make mischief
By John Massy

About six weeks ago, we ran a picture of a group of people holding a Union flag. The flag belongs to Brett Green and, according to Green family tradition, was brought home from the Boer War by his grandfather.
Unfortunately, despite being given the correct information by Mr Green, we incorrectly named his grandfather 'John Green' instead of 'James Green'.
The mistake was all ours but that didn't stop some small minded, anonymous correspondent of The Gympie Times from claiming, incorrectly, that we, and presumably Mr Green, had suggested that the flag had been brought home by Mr Green's great grandfather (whose name was John.)
Anyone familiar with the Green family's history would have recognised our mistake. The Gympie Times' correspondent chose to 'interpret' our error as an excuse to take a cheap shot at Brett Green. After all, why let the truth get in the way of having some fun at the expense of a soft target?
A simple telephone call to this newspaper would have clarified the mistake. But then, when your parent company is a cost conscious, multi national media group, perhaps, you have to watch the phone bill.

Well done John Massy !!!! and the Observer !!!

We wait for the apology from the thrower of Mullock........

As expected, the Gympie Times did not have the moral fortitude to admit their mistake at plagiarising a competitor's "mistake", but continued their tirade at Brett Green, who (by the way) used to work for them.....(bad vibes here?... what is the reason for this sort of antagonism?)
As we (the Dhamurian Society) seek more truth, then some people might get hurt, as we don't stop until we get the REAL truth, so to all of the parties in this fiasco, be warned, we WILL find out the truth.......

From the Gympie Times, "Mullok Heap" column Friday May 28, 2004:

FLAGGING problems
Our Mullock Heap item from last week about Gympie historical fiction writer
Brett Green has hit a few raw nerves around the place.
The newspaper involved apologised for its error this week in which it confused
Mr Green's great grandfather John with his grandfather James.
The problems arose when Mr Green offered a Union Jack to the Scouting Hall
of Memories. According to Green family tradition, the flag was flown at the Siege of Mafeking during the Beer War and was brought home by Mr Green's grandfather.
However, on checking war records, some anomalies continue to arise about
the exact source of this flag. Boer War records show that a James Henry Green was the only James Green from Queensland to serve in the Beer War.
Birth certificates show that Brett Green's grandfather did not have a middle name.
James Henry Green served with the 6th Queensland Imperial Bushmen whic
arrived in South Africa in March-April1901, about a year after the relief of Mafeking on May 16, 1900.
James Green, our author's grandfather, was born in 1859 and would have
been 42 in 1901, a very old age for Boer War service. He took up land at Nanango in 1899 and had six children before 1900, then three more in 1900, 1902 and 1906. Certainly, he was a very busy man to then head off to the Boer War.
If the flag did come from Mafeking, it would be much sought after by the Imperial War Museum in London and the Australian War Museum in Canberra rather than a scouting museum:
The Relief of Mafeking was equivalent in celebrations in England to the end of
World War II.
The author's discovery of this flag more than 104 years after the event dictates that there must be more evaluation of the claims before saying that it came from Mafeking.
This is an important historical item which needs careful authentication.

Well, as expected there was no apology for plagiarising the "other newspaper's" incorrect item, yet there is an intensified attack ...


From the "MULLOCK HEAP"  Gympie Times,  Friday 04/06/2004:

MORE flag problems
Over the past few week, Mullock Heap has been following the issue of a
flag which was presented to the Baden-Powell Guild by local historical fiction writer Brett Green for a scout museum.

Mr Green claims his family's tradition says the flag was a relic of the
Siege of Mafeking in which the founder of the scouting movement Lord Baden-Powell held off the Boers from October, 1899, to May, 1900.
According to the tradition, the flag was brought back to Australia by Mr Green's grandfather James Green, of Nanango.

Unfortunately, local researchers can't find any trace of the author's
grandfather serving in the Boer War.
An enlistment list ofthe 6th Queensland (Imperial Bushmen) Contingent
to leave Queensland for the war showed a James Henry Green from
"Gogango" near Rockhampton did go to the Boer War.
He listed his brother Charles Green as his next-of-kin or contact person in Australia.
At the time of the Boer War, the author's grandfather was a farmer
from Nanango with a wife and six children.
Obviously with such a commitment, he would have listed his wife as next of kin or contact person.
Another child Phoebe Jane was born in 1902 when the Queensland Conntingent was committed in South Africa.
It would appear that while the flag might have flown at Mafeking, it was highly unlikely that it came back to Australia via the author's grandfather James.
There are also doubts that a flag which went through the harsh realities of Mafeking would have survived 104 years.
Besides, such a relic deserves to be  the Imperial War Museum not a scouting museum. (sic)
TOMORROW: Our history deserves better.

Oh how hard shall they fall....

As a "SERIOUS" researcher, I can not  understand the "small mindedness" of the so called "local researchers" referred to in the above article.  Who are they?  Why doesn't the Gympie Times name those so called "researchers"?????  Why don't they offer some "respected" references to their "so called"  information?
(any SERIOUS researcher would also check other states' army members... hint, hint...)

Isn't a person in Australia considered innocent until "proven" guilty?   And if so, the accuser must supply the proof ! This "legal" requirement in the courts of this land appears to not apply to the media, who "throwe" mullock at others without any references or proof......

"RESPECTED" journals include references, and names of the researchers, as well as web site references, so that other researchers can confirm or deny the data.

This "mullock thrower" offers none !!!  Is that an indication of their true ability to research an article? Or to supply the proof of their accusations?

ALSO note that there was no admission or the plagiarism of the "admitted" incorrect article in the "Observer"

It is obvious to the casual reader that there is some sort of "vendetta" as this so called "newspaper" continues to attack one of their "ex employees".

Has journalistic integrity been sacrificed for some pathetic minimalist ego vendetta?

Let the reader decide....... !!!!!


The Hinterland Voice local newspaper has been publishing extracts from the "Tales of a Warrior" series of books....

Following the illegal "annonymous" article (see above) there appeared the following in the issue of June 2004:


In an article,"Search for local scouting history", on the front page of "The Weekly Observer"( a newspaper in the Gympie area), Wednesday April 7, 2004, it states "The historical project (the Scouting Hall of Memories ), one of the first in Queensland to be part of the forthcoming World Centenary of Scouting, is being supported by the Regional Commissioner for Scouting in the Suncoast Region, Brian Lund,The Baden Powell Heritage Centre in Brisbane, and the Baden Powell Guild in Queensland.
On the second page of that same issue, there is a photo of Brett Green and five other people, holding a flag which is to be an exhibit in the new Scouting Hall of Memories in the Gympie Mining and Historical Museum. In the page one article it says Brett Green is the president of the Gympie branch of the Baden Powell Guild.
In the caption beneath the photo it says "This Union flag was brought home from the Boer War by ]ohn Green, Brett's grandfather. According to Green family tradition, the flag was flown during the siege of
Mafeking (sic), in which Major (later Lord)Baden Powell, founder of the Boy Scout movement, played a prominent part"
It really saddens me to see what appears to be five nice people being"sucked in" by a man of the character as Brett Green.
It also irritates me that bogus items such as this flag would be used in a display in a museum. It discredits all other items used in the entire Gympie Mining and Historical Museum. It discredits the Baden Powell Guild and the Scouting Association.
John Green was my great grandfather. He died in 1889, ten years before the Boer War started in 1899. This of course is water off a ducks back to Brett Green, he will say "That was a typo, meant to be my grandfather James Green who brought the flag back from the war"
Brett Green's great grandfather was John Green and his grandfather was James Green, a brother to my grandfather.
Brett Green has been concocting the story that Great uncle Jim participated in the BoerWar for a number of years, along with his other spurious stories.
In a letter from him to me in 1997, was a photo supposedly of his grandfather in a uniform, saying"it was thought to be a Boer war uniform and he was having it investigated". The same photo appears in book 5, page 24, of his fabricated series "Tales of aWarrior" that he wrote, with the caption "This photo was taken c1900 in army uniform possibly for Boer War"
From his "doubt" about a uniform and whether Great uncle Jim was in the Boer War, it has now grown to a flag that has been in the family all those years and a family tradition which says it was flown at
the siege of Mafeking no less.
How convenient for Brett Green.
No other family member has any recollection of Jim Green being in the Boer War. I have searched the database of the Australian War Memorial and although there are a number of James Greens who served in that conflict, I am not prepared to spend my money to investigate it further.

I do not believe James Green served in this war and I suggest that Brett Green be the one to prove that he did. Until then I would strongly suggest that you disassociate yourselves with him and his flag.
This may all seem trivial to you, but my dealings with Brett Green go back many years and my feelings about him go deeper than the annoyance of him distorting my family's history.
Bear with me until I explain.
These series of books he wrote were based on diaries and notes that never existed. He said that the diaries were the work of my great grandfather John Green and later of his grandfather James Green.
They tell of the fictitious travels of John Green around SE Old in "search of lands" from c 1850, of him saving an aboriginal boy from the flooded Mary River, being initiated into the tribe etc., all in great detail.
John Green was practically illiterate. He signed at his marriage with a cross and could never have written those diaries. Brett Green said the originals of these diaries were burnt in a house fire or business fire (he can't make up his mind) and can't be authenticated.
Our great grandfather John Green lived all his life in Australia in the Illawarra area of NSW and never went to Queensland.
The books were the subject of an expose in the "Gympie Times", April 25, 1998.
Prior to june 1997, when I organized a reunion for Brett Green, I had been sending him any research/ historical documentation that I had obtained on our family, for him to use in a family history he was supposed to be writing. Unbeknown to me he had been writing these series and using this data to weave into the story he was fabricating. What a fool I was.
Therefore, when the expose was done, it limited the documentation we could use to discredit Brett Green and his books. He had used dates/times of children's conception, births and marriages to place John Green down in the Illawarra and not in the Gympie / Nanango / SE Qld area, in his books to make them appear legitimate.
Fortunately, whereas Brett Green has never done any real historical research himself (probably would not know how to start), the diligence of the rest of the family and my research has paid off. It has unfolded the insolvency records of great grandfather John Green.
Our great grandfather John Green lived all his life in Australia in the Illawarra area of NSW and never went to Queensland.

In an affidavit dated 1864,"John Green of Macquarie River in the colony of NSW farmer being duly sworn maketh oath and saith as follows - I attribute my Insolvency to the following causes viz. I have a Wife
and ten children, three of whom are at service - I have had illness in my family - about two years ago one of my Creditors sold all my livestock for a debt due to him and I was obliged to give up my Farm
have endeavoured to pay my Creditors by my labour but some of them will not wait and would take all from my children as soon as I have earned it. l am therefore obliged to sequestrate my Estate for the benefit of the whole of my Creditors."
At this same time Brett Green, in his invented story, has john Green in the Kin Kin area of what is now Queensland, recording in great detail a "tragedy that he had come upon".
The real life tragedy was happening in the Illawarra. In the list of the Insolvents Creditors and Claimants, dating back to 1857,
Great grandfather owed storekeepers, blacksmiths, millers, farmers and commission agents for goods, flour, promissory notes and other monies borrowed. He had ten children to provide for and another, my grandfather, on the way. His list of scheduled assets were Corn, Furniture and Apparel of Wife and 7 children to the value 12/18/-, leaving a deficiency of 78/12/- owing to his creditors.
Brett Green has caused a great deal of anguish to our family, not only because of the historical incorrectness of what he has written, but for the perverted, deviate way he has portrayed the founder of our Australian family. (see attached page from book 2 - appendix I)
Brett Green is not a person anyone should feel comfortable being associated with.
More insights into Brett Green can be found at the following sites;

Thankyou for taking the time to read this letter,
Lynne Bone

Editor's Note:
(My pleasure. Tell me, were there facilities to sell wives and children here in 1864!)

Oh Dear !!!!!   Now we have the "disgruntled relative" also jumping on the "plagiarism" bandwagon and getting the knickers in a knot over the Observer article.

One wonders if she too will apologise for her reference to the article???

She also refers to a so called "expose" in a  Gympie Times article of   25/4/1998....

We have already questioned the motives of  this newspaper which had previously employed Mr Green as to why they devoted 4 pages of the "ANZAC DAY" edition to a perceived character assassination attempt. It is old and discredited news.

She doesn't mention all of  the people who have placed "on the record" that they had seen and read the original diaries. Does she consider them all as liars?  

She also does not do herself any favours in the credibility area with her comments on Brett Green's researching ability.  (Those of us who know him personally, know better! )

It appears that she doesn't like the idea that John Green spent time in Queensland.
Is it more likely that she doesn't like the idea that he preferred the company and spirituality of the aboriginies, as per his writings?

If this is the reason that she releases her venemous tirade, then bigotry comes into play, and that would be very, very sad indeed.

Unfortunately for her, she doesn't know that many of us have independently researched and confirmed many of Brett Green's writings. 

Will she too, like the Gympie Times, continue to deride and attack, after they have been proved wrong?

In any case, many thanks to her for bringing many viewers to this site with her comments. Our aim is to stimulate discussion and SERIOUS research. We don't however, condone nor encourage malicious family feuds.

Oh, and to the comments about "fiction writer"?   Someone had tried to place this label once before, with the local Library.  It didn't work then, and it won't work now!  

One has to remember that when slinging mud, then some will splash back, and that is what has happened to those who "slung" before.  May it also stick to the current "slingers"..........

Time will tell.....  The Truth WILL come out....





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